PFTrack Core Course 300 

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You are encouraged to work along side the videos in your own copy of the software however if you don’t have access to the software don’t worry you can still complete the course. Download the course files at any time by clicking the icon to the right.

Approx Size: 500MB

Lesson 301

In this first lesson we will take our fist look at some of PFTracks more advanced features. Solving multiple cameras into the same scene to create a shared 3D space that will not only help layout and comp but will also provide 3D information to a problematic shot.

  • Importing and accessing our example clips
  • Creating shared trackers
  • Solving our cameras into the same scene
  • Lesson 301 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 40mins

Lesson 302

In this lesson you will dive straight in and begin where you left off in the last lesson where we will be taking a deeper look at PFTracks scene export where we will be delivering everything we have created in this course to a couple of different formats tailoring them for specific purposes.

  • Brief recap of everythig we have covered
  • Exporting different types of data and media
  • Setting up multiple exports
  • Final Recap Test for the Core Courses

Duration Approx: 14mins