PFTrack Core Course 200 

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You are encouraged to work along side the videos in your own copy of the software however if you don’t have access to the software don’t worry you can still complete the course. Download the course files at any time by clicking the icon to the right.

Approx Size: 100Mb

Lesson 201

In this first lesson you are going to be creating a new project and loading an example clip for this course, we will also be tracking and solving the new clip and together tackling any problems we come across along the way.

  • Creating a new project a loading a new clip
  • Breaking down the clip, describing potential issues
  • Refining the results of the solve
  • Lesson 201 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 25mins

Lesson 202

In this lesson you will dive straight in where we will look at how we can get the same if not better results using a small number of user generated tracks in the User Track node. Along the way we will learn…

  • Some tips when using the User Track node
  • How to distribute trackers for the best results
  • Solving and refining our manually tracked scene
  • Lesson 202 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 30mins

Lesson 203

In the first two lessons of this course we focussed on tracking and solving the camera in our shot. In this final lesson we will be taking a look at how we can use all the data we have generated along with some additional data to track and solve a rigid body moving object in our scene. Once you have completed the recap test you can move on to the next course.

  • Orienting our camera and setting scene scale
  • Tracking and solving the motion of a moving object
  • Using a 3D objects to test our 3D scene
  • Lesson 203 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 24mins