PFTrack Core Course 100 

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You are encouraged to work along side the videos in your own copy of the software however if you don’t have access to the software don’t worry you can still complete the course. Download the course files at any time by clicking the icon to the right.

Approx Size: 15Mb

Lesson 101

In this first lesson you are going to create your first project, load an example clip into your newly created project then take a quick tour of the UI. At the end of the lesson a recap test will be taken and must be passed in order to progress to the next lesson.

  • Creating Your First Project
  • Importing the example clip
  • Brief tour of the UI
  • Lesson 101 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 12mins

Lesson 102

In this lesson you will dive straight in and begin where you left off in the last lesson. You will be adding a new node to track your example clip and from there you will take a brief look at the cinema before adding another node to solve the clip and view the results with the viewer. Once you pass this lessons recap test you will be able to move onto the next. 

  • Track the example clip
  • Solve the example clip
  • Lesson 102 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 14mins

Lesson 103

In this final lesson, you will use two new nodes to reorient the camera and export your completed 3D scene. then At the end of the lesson the recap test must be taken and passed,  in order to take part in our other courses where you will be able to earn additional PFTrack Certificates of software proficiency.

  • Reorient your camera
  • Export your completed 3D scene
  • Lesson 103 Recap Test

Duration Approx: 14mins