PFClean Core Course 200 

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You are encouraged to work along side the videos in your own copy of the software however if you don’t have access to the software don’t worry you can still complete the course. Download the course files at any time by clicking the icon to the right.

Approx Size: 1Gb

Lesson 201

In the first lesson you will learn about the importance of standards inside of PFClean. You will also learn how to handle clips with a non standard format using the standards manager, before finishing the lesson by taking a look at the Digital Wet Gate.

  • Assigning and creating a custom standards
  • The Digital Wet Gate
  • Lesson 201 Test

Duration Approx: 32mins

Lesson 202

In the second lesson we focus on PFCleans mastering tools, Remaster and Standards, taking a look at how they work and what functions they perform. At the end of the lesson we will take a closer look at the Fileout. 

  • Using PFCleans mastering toolsets
  • A closer look at the Fileout
  • Lesson 202 Test

Duration Approx: 50mins

Lesson 203

In Lesson 203 we will be taking a look at how to setup caching in your project using the clips we imported.  In the last part we are going to take a closer look at the workflow inside of the Workbench, setting us up for the final course. 

  • Setting up and looking at caching inside of PFClean
  • A close look at workflow and the Workbench
  • Lesson 203 Test

Duration Approx: 45mins