PFClean Core Course 100 

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You are encouraged to work along side the videos in your own copy of the software however if you don’t have access to the software don’t worry you can still complete the course. Download the course files at any time by clicking the icon to the right.

Approx Size: 1Gb

Lesson 101

In the first lesson you will get to know PFClean’s user interface, including the Project Manager, before creating your first project in PFClean.

  • The PFClean user interface
  • Creating Your First Project
  • Lesson 101 Test

Duration Approx: 14mins

Lesson 102

In the second lesson we focus on PFCleans workflow and some of the key concepts to restoring footage inside the application. At the end of the lesson we will be putting what we have learn’t into practice and import and prepare some footage ready for the next lesson. 

  • Importing media into PFClean
  • Preparing media for restoration
  • Lesson 102 Test

Duration Approx: 24mins

Lesson 103

In Lesson 103 we will be restoring the clips we imported using a two of the tool sets available to us inside of PFClean applying some of the workflow concepts we have learnt. Finally we will be learning how to export our restored results. 

  • Reviewing the media
  • Restoration in the Workbench
  • Outputting the media using the Fileouts
  • Lesson 103 Test

Duration Approx: 32mins